Meet Dave

Scottsdale History

My family moved from Decatur, Illinois when I was a young boy. I recall seeing cowboys riding horseback down Main Street and McCormick Ranch was an actual working ranch. The community’s energy and “wild west” spirit had a profound impact on us and it was then that my father entered the real estate profession and established a highly reputable firm.

Journeyman Carpenter to Business Owner

Before taking over the family business I was a Journeyman Carpenter and experienced the residential and commercial building process first-hand, from the ground up. I later owned and operated one of the most successful neighborhood hot spots, “Downside Risk” which gave me the great opportunity to meet thousands of Valley residents. During my 10-years in the construction industry and nearly two decades at Downside Risk, I gained the skills to deliver exceptional customer service and develop an extensive network of friends, colleagues and business associates.

Blessings and Battles

In 1999 my wife Kelly and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter Madison and, in 2004, Kelly courageously overcame breast cancer. Both experiences gave me a new perspective on the importance of life, family and community. Madison is now a beautiful and talented young lady with many goals and dreams in front of her; and Kelly is a well-respected Registered Nurse who completed her Masters Degree so that she could formally teach young medical professionals to grow in a university setting.